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Time is a precious commodity, especially in business. If you’re spending too much of yours on internal processes and not enough on achieving your business goals, we can help.

We can work with you to refine your business processes and take care of the details; acting like your own professional finance department. Allowing you more time to focus on business growth and strategy. And if you need it, our experts are also able to guide and support you through more complex business decisions such as mergers, acquisitions and sales.

Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether it’s help resolving issues with existing systems, improving your reporting to fuel better decision making, or implementing processes, systems and software better suited to today’s environment, we can make a difference.

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Grandeur Private Pty Ltd (ABN 64 613 155 025), trading as FORTEM Business Solutions is a registered Tax Agent and a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand


Mergers and acquisitions
Business planning for growth or downsizing
Finance restructuring
Back office services including: payroll, human resources and bookkeeping
Cashflow management
Board reporting and investor relations


Let us help you make the most of your opportunities.

We all have financial goals. Whether yours are about maximising retirement savings, growing wealth outside your business or meeting personal or family needs, you need the right support to achieve them.

We specialise in tailored advice and strategies for business owners and professionals, working closely with our clients to meet both specific short-term goals and develop financial plans to guide them over the longer term.

Our understanding of our clients’ wider needs and drivers, both business and personal helps us to develop robust solutions capable of growing and responding to change. We talk, in detail and often, helping our clients use what they already have effectively and grow their assets for the future.

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CHF & A Pty Ltd (ABN 33 607 621 867), trading as FORTEM Advice and its advisers are authorised representatives of Fortnum Private Wealth Limited (ABN 54 139 889 535), Australian Financial Services Licensee (ASFL 357 306)”


Investment advice
Business succession planning
Portfolio management
Tax minimisation
Retirement planning and superannuation including Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)
Personal insurance

Is it time to improve your business and build wealth for the future?

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